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Copper Tubes and Insulation
Copper Elbows , Couplings & Valves
Flare Nuts ,Adapters & Ventils
Condensate Removal Pumps
Leak Detectors & Gas Tanks
Vacuum Pumps , 4 Way Reversing Valves, Heating & Cooling Coils
Switches,Timers,Sockets & Plugs
Contactors, Presostats, Selectors, Relays & Capacitors
Timers ,Circuit-Breakers, Electric cables & Power Switch
Adaptors , Air Grilles , Dumpers & Duct Manifolds
Flexible Air Ducts & Draining Tubes
Insulation Tapes & Filters
Welded Hermetic Compressors For F22
Refrigeration Compressors & Refrigeration Units
Electrical Motors
Axial fans & Wirings
Accelerators & Wings
Rotary Fans , Boxers & Industrial Fans
Room Thermostats
Thermostats & Deicers
Controllers , Thermostats & Deicers
Refrigeration Equipment
Measurement Equipment
Flaring Tools
Flaring , Swaging & Cutting Tools
Manifolds , Pressure Gauges & Charging Equipment
Swaging Tools & Cutters
Tube Benders
Meters , Scissors and other Metal Accessories

Electra air conditioner
Electra air conditioner
Electra air conditioner
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Established in 1962 by Mr. Yehuda Krool
We are one of Israel's Leading Companies for the following fields:

  • Air Conditioning Equipment Importing and Marketing for Installation and Repair
  • Importing and Marketing Fans and Accessories for Ventilation
  • Electrical Motors Wiring
  • Technical Assistance, especially in the field of Motors for Air Conditioners
Air Conditioning Equipment Importing and Marketing ,HVAC

Marketing Air conditioners
of all major companies
in Israel and Abroad, of all types:

  • Floor Split type air conditioners
  • Wall Mounted Split air conditioners
  • Ducted Split type air conditioners
  • School-air type air conditioners
Air conditioners : Tadiran , Elco , Amcor , Electra
copper tubes ,  insulation , elbows , flaring tools

Import of Installation and Repair Equipment for all types of Air Conditioners and Refrigerators,
such as:

  • Copper Tubes
  • Flexible Air Ducts
  • Air Grilles, Adaptors and Manifolds
  • Insulation Tubes
  • Compressors
  • One/Three phase Electrical Motors

and plenty more !

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42 years experience in the field of air conditioning

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